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This Planet is a series of short video stories that draw on the best new videos, awesome graphics, and surprising facts about climate, energy and innovation.

This Planet - 10.20.15

TV Series

This Planet - 10.20.15

Evelyn Messinger

This week on This Planet: Rivers, Oceans & Rainforests


•  A big-data overview of water on this planet - Water in the Anthropocene, by Globaia

•  Nature speaks: Harrison Ford as the Ocean, Kevin Spacey as the Rainforest - Nature Is Speaking, from Conservation International

•  What NOT to do to save the rainforest - Follow the Frog, The Rainforest Alliance


Watch it on Link TV: DIRECTV Channel 375; DISH NETWORK Channel 9410.

Tuesday, October 20 - 8:45pm Eastern Time (5:45pm Pacific Time) and 11:45pm Eastern (8:45pm Pacific).

Sunday, October 25 - 7:45pm Eastern (4:45pm Pacific).

Check for further air-times each week.