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This Planet is a series of short video stories that draw on the best new videos, awesome graphics, and surprising facts about climate, energy and innovation.



This Planet is a series of 90-second videos that portray this moment of reckoning between human nature and the force of nature, here at the tipping point of our collective future. You can learn more about us, and see the bios of This Planet's contributors and advisors here.

These words, by a poet of the last century, set the stage for seeing the world in a new way:

Learn, O voyager, to walk the roll
of earth, the pitch and fall that swings
across these trees those stars:
that swings the sunlight up the wall.
— Archibald MacLeish

the plan

Presented as short daily web videos and a half-hour television program, This Planet explores our changing environment using the power of compelling video, engaging data-graphics and viral memes. Drawing on available content from around the world, This Planet tells stories that people like to share: about extreme weather, human adversity and triumph, animals in distress, awesome maps and imagery, money-saving fixes and celebrities speaking out.

This Planet partners with a broad range of organizations promoting climate-awareness, community resilience and energy alternatives. Rather than competing with the media materials they create, frequent This Planet video programs and the website amplifies their distribution and highlights their messages, generating a greater interest in climate science and drawing the public towards a fuller understanding and better policy decisions.

Our strategy is to create a daily series of 90-second videos that reach far beyond the science and environmental ghetto, and a weekly half-hour television program that documents the field. Beginning in winter of 2015 This Planet will:

Connect the dots between climate reality and energy alternatives as human nature confronts the force of nature.

• Use viral memes, catchy titling and shareable formats to create short daily videos sourced by content from climate, academic, news, activist and weather organizations worldwide.

• Embed This Planet on multiple websites and mobile platforms, linking back to the original sources.

• Compile the best videos we find into a half-hour television series for nationwide broadcast and local cable outlets.

• Measure broadcast viewership and online audience engagement, continuing to retool for maximum impact. Expand the online/mobile distribution and marketing of the daily This Planet, growing its popularity and driving community engagement. Support the daily and weekly media products by adding marketing partnerships, sponsorship and product tie-ins.

When fully resourced, This Planet aims to reach more than 30 million people each year via broadcast, web and mobile device -- targeting communities that are uncertain about climate science and those who are looking for solutions. Impact will be gauged by how many people watch This Planet and take action.